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5:30 p.m.: Request authorization to approval the First Amendment to the Development Plan and Fourth Amendment to the Master Plan for Planned Development Area No. 69, South Boston /The100 Acres; to petition the Zoning Commission to approve the First Amendment the Development Plan and PDA No. 69 pursuant to Section 3-1.A.a and Section 80C-7 of the Zoning Code; to approve the General Electric Headquarters Project Notice of Project Change to include the Necco Court Bridge, the addition of 9,387 square feet of land from MassDevelopment Property for open space and 1,880 square feet addition to the rooftop rooms on the Brick building and back-of house space; and, to approve the Project as a Development Impact Project; and, to take all related actions.
PDF Document  2018.02.08 Gandhi - GE Headquarters NPC_PDA Amendment_Public Hearing BM FINAL.doc